Colour Consultation

Colour is the single most important visible element of any design. It’s no wonder that people agonize over it. Choosing the right colour can be a daunting task; choosing the wrong one can prove to be frustrating and expensive.

Colours look different under different lighting conditions. A colour consultant understands this important factor and how paint colours absorb light, and will make sure that the romantic red you pick does not end up looking orange or the soft grey does not end up looking baby blue.

With so many paint colours and finishes to choose from, a colour consultant can take the guesswork out of the equation and create the colour palette that is right for your space and your lifestyle.

A trained colour expert knows how to accomplish the result you are seeking, whether you are painting a room, remodeling a space, or looking to improve your home’s curb appeal.


Home Staging

There are many benefits to hiring a professional home stager. Firstly they see your home through fresh eyes – the eyes of a buyer. Home owners definitely become blind to their own surroundings and often neglect things that are staring them in the face. The broken doorbell, the chipped paint at the top of your stairs, the dripping tap. Seeing your home and your belongings through a fresh pair of eyes makes it easy for them to identify problem areas and decide where money is most effectively spent.

Homeowners get used to their furniture and accessories being laid out in a particular way and often it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see how it could be rearranged to create a more inviting, often larger light and airy space.


Interior Design

A quality design is always a good investment.  Along with increasing the value of your property, a carefully planned interior brings you both aesthetic and functional benefits that will enhance your lifestyle.

Meeting with you in person is an opportunity to translate what you would like to achieve into specific projects that fit within your budget as well prepare the foundation for transforming your ideas into a finished interior.  In some cases, an interior design consultation may be all you need to get yourself started, if you are planning to execute the work yourself.

Consideration will be taken on your budget goals and coordinate a design plan that will help maximize your budget.


Personal Home Shopper:

Whether you’re looking for accessories, furniture, fabrics or something else, the service of a Personal Home Shopper is a great way to bring the expertise and resources of a design professional into your home.  A Personal Home Shopper can help purchase pieces of furniture and accessories that coordinate well with existing pieces, saving you time and money.