Preparing to Sell Up: 6 Tips from a Home Colour Consultant

home colour consultant torontoOne of the cheapest and most effective ways to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers is to give the interior a fresh coat of paint. By doing so you will make it look loved and well looked after, which any potential buyer is sure to appreciate. However, before you get out your paintbrushes and get down to work, it is important to spend a little time thinking about what colours you are going to use in each part of your home and how they will influence your chances of making a quick sale.

Top Tips from a Home Colour Consultant in Toronto

Follow the suggestions below and hopefully you will be able to attract a willing buyer more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

  • Avoid Very Strong Colours – While luminous green or vivid scarlet may tickle your fancy, such strong colours are just as likely to put prospective buyers off as they are to encourage them to make an offer. If you want to make sure that you do not inadvertently discourage people from making an offer on your home, it is best to avoid any colours that may provoke a strong reaction. Just remember: your favourite colours are not necessarily the same as those that potential buyers will prefer.
  • Use Neutral Tones in Main Reception Rooms and Hallways – Following on from the above suggestion to avoid strong colours, you should stick to neutral tones such as cream, pale yellow, and beige. While they may not be the perfect colours for all prospective buyers, they are unlikely to offend anyone either. As an experienced home colour consultant in Toronto, we can confirm that such colours are rarely considered objectionable by local residents.
  • Avoid Dark Colours – You might think that blacks and greys count as neutral colours but they have been found to reduce the average sale price of homes in which they are used so it is best to avoid them if at all possible. Warm, light colours are more welcoming and will create a feeling of space in any rooms that are on the small side.
  • Use Yellow in the Kitchen – A subtle shade, such as wheat yellow, is a great choice for kitchen walls and has been shown to increase the value of homes significantly. As your trustworthy and reliable home colour consultant in Toronto, you can take it from us that a yellow kitchen will prove to be a good selling point. It gives what is one of the most important rooms in the home (as far as many people are concerned) a very homely and welcoming feel.

If you have the time and money to spare, painting the outside of your home is also a good idea: the exterior is the first thing that visitors will see when they arrive and could easily put them off if it is in poor condition. If you need any help choosing appropriate colours for either the inside or outside of your home, call the best home colour consultant in Toronto right now!