Paint Colour Consultation: 4 Colours to Steer Clear of and Why

paint colour consultation in TorontoWhile you are, of course, perfectly entitled to paint your home any colour you desire, there are certain colours that it might be worth giving a wide berth, especially if you have any plans to sell your property at some point in the future. Even if you are not going to sell your home any time soon or you are more than happy to repaint it before doing so, some colours are quite difficult to live with according to researchers. Consult any interior décor professional in the city and they are likely to give you the same advice as we are providing for free in the section below.

Your Free Paint Colour Consultation in Toronto: Colours You Should Avoid

If you want your home to be a peaceful haven to which you can retreat at the end of the day and a valuable asset that one day you might sell, avoid using the following colours the next time you redecorate the interior:

  1. Bright Yellow – Although subtle shades of yellow are known to appeal to many people, especially when used in kitchens, large expanses of bright yellow are not only likely to put prospective buyers off should you ever decide to sell your home, they will also prove to be an irritant to you while you are living there. The amount of light that bright colours such as this reflect can overstimulate the eyes and cause restlessness or even stress to those living in the immediate vicinity.
  2. Off-White – If you come for a personal paint colour consultation in Toronto with the purpose of preparing your home for a quick sale, you may be surprised to be told that off-white is one of the colours you should avoid. While it may be neutral and inoffensive, many people think that it makes small rooms look rather dingy, dull and lifeless.
  3. Terracotta – This may also come as a surprise to many but terracotta-painted walls have been shown to decrease the average sale price of the homes in which they are found. With this in mind, you might want to avoid this particular colour if you have any thoughts of moving in the near future. It might look warm and homely to you but that is not the opinion of the majority of buyers if the studies are to be believed. Book a paint colour consultation in Toronto to find out what colours you can use instead.
  4. Plain White – There was a time when all-white kitchens and hallways were thought to be very desirable but that time is now past. Apart from looking sterile and lifeless, white walls are difficult to keep looking clean, which makes them unappealing to live with for any length of time.

If you would like to know what tones work well together and what is popular right now, call to make an appointment for a paint colour consultation in Toronto at your convenience. We look forward to helping you redecorate your home in the near future.