Why Nothing Trumps the Experience of an Interior Decorator Colour Specialist

interior decorator colour specialist in Vaughan When it comes to selecting the perfect colours for your home, the best way to make sure that you get it right first time is to consult an experienced professional. While you may already have a very good idea of the type of colour schemes you like and those that you would rather steer clear of, it is easy to make mistakes if you don’t do your homework beforehand. A reputable and talented consultant will help you to avoid the type of interior décor colour choices that can easily lead to disaster.

Advice from Our Interior Decorator Colour Specialist in Vaughan

Our local specialist believes it is always a good idea to consult a qualified professional before embarking on a major residential property renovation, for the following reasons:

  • Overall Cost – Many people assume they can save money by picking their own colour schemes and not paying a professional consultant but this approach often works out to be considerably more expensive. If you pick the wrong tones and have to redo some or all of the decorating work, you will end up spending far more on labour and materials than if you had hired a professional to ensure that you got it right in the first place.
  • Unpredictable Results with Paint – One of the reasons the results may not match your expectations when taking a DIY approach is because the colour of the paints you choose may not match the paint chips you studied in the local stores once applied to the walls of your home. Our interior decorator colour specialist in Vaughan advises trying out all new paints on a discreet part of the walls you wish to redecorate: different types of plaster absorb paint in different ways, producing unpredictable results in many cases.
  • Too Much Choice – One of the biggest problems faced by homeowners who would like to decorate their own properties these days is the sheer choice of colours available. To make it even worse, you can have custom paint tones blended to your personal specifications, which means the choice is almost infinite. An interior decorator colour specialist in Vaughan who has spent years working with thousands of different colours in numerous properties across the region will not be intimidated by the selection on offer today and can guide you toward the tones that are most likely to suit you and your home.
  • Time Constraints – If you have a set amount of time to finish your home redecorating or renovation project, hiring an interior decorator colour specialist in Vaughan will help you to avoid any unnecessary delays. By working with an experienced pro, you will be able to select the best colours for your home far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Whether you are planning to redecorate your guest bedroom or every room in your home, please do not hesitate to call and ask our colour specialist for help: we would be absolutely delighted to help you with your next home improvement project.