Trends Paint Colour Specialists Expect to See in 2018

Vaughan colour specialist When’s the last time you repainted your home? If it’s been a while, chances are that your colours are looking a little outdated. With trends constantly changing, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest fashion. In this post, we’ll tell you which colours to use to bring your home up to date in 2018. Read on to find out which colours will be in high demand this year.

Colour Trends to Look Out for in 2018

  • Berry-Inspired Shades – Whether it’s a deep cherry, a warm raspberry or a bright strawberry, a berry shade is sure to look great in your home this year. These shades can be rich and striking, adding depth to any room. They’re also easily paired with sleek furnishings.
  • Dusty Rose – This muted hue provides a more classic, sophisticated look than a pinks and red, which can often be too overpowering. This chic shade keeps things neutral.
  • Back in Black – Black never goes out of style. It can make any room look sleek and sexy, whether it’s a bedroom, office space or bathroom. Now is a great time to boldly deck out a room in all-black, if it’s something you’ve been considering. If that’s a little too much for you, try adding black accents around the room instead. Best of all, it can be combined with just about any colour.
  • Deep Purple – Purple is a statement colour, and this year is the best time to use it. Instead of going for washed-out, pastel lavender, choose a stronger, richer shade. It’s an especially good choice if you’re looking to combine two of this year’s hottest trends. If black is too dark, but berry is too bright, purple is the perfect colour in between the two.
  • Lemon and Lime – Don’t be shy to use these eye-catching colours in 2018. According to our Vaughan paint colour specialist, they’re more popular than ever. Bright shades of green are now considered tech-inspired colours, which are great for creative spaces. Vibrant yellows are in style, too. They add a touch of energy and playfulness to a room that people will love.
  • Calming Blues – Light blue-green shades are currently a great choice for sanctuary spaces. They’re strongly associated with a calming effect that’s perfect for quiet spaces such as bedrooms, offices and living rooms.

How a Vaughan Colour Specialist Can Help You

When you’ve chosen a colour you love, you’re only half-way there. Every individual space is different, and finding a way to make a colour look just right takes skill and expertise. That’s where the professionals come in. Bright Ideas is a Vaughan colour specialist with years of experience. We’ll not only choose the best colour scheme for you, but also work with you to choose all the subtle details to achieve the results you’re looking for. To arrange for a colour consultation, contact us on 416-671-6236.

A Colour Specialist’s Advice to Choosing the Right Colours for Your Home

Colour Specialist in Vaughan Colour specialists help homeowners choose colour schemes that reflect their style and personality while complementing the space. With their expertise, they can pick out subtle differences between shades, predicting the effects they’ll have on each room. In this article, we’ll tell you their top tips for colour selection.

Advice from a Colour Specialist in Vaughan

  • Consider the Kind of Look You Want – Before choosing a colour for a room, think about what kind of impression you want the room to give. Are you looking for something subtle and soothing, something rich and warm, or a sleek, classic look? Once you know this, a Vaughan colour specialist will be able to point you in the right direction from there.
  • Choose the Focal Point of Each Room – In any room, think about where you want people’s attention to be drawn to first. If it’s the walls, start with a bold paint colour there. If it’s antique furniture, start with that and choose your colours around it. If you’d prefer, you can keep the walls neutral and use linens and carpets to add splashes or colour instead.
  • Try, Try, and Try Again – Make sure you test your colours out before you make any final decisions. Colours will create different looks depending on where they’re placed and how much light is hitting them at different times of the day. That’s why it’s important to test them out. Buy a few tester colours to try out and see how you like them.
  • Use a Theme Throughout the Home – Think about your home as a whole rather than just decorating individual rooms separately. This doesn’t mean that you need to use the same colour or design for every room. Instead, it just means that there should be a common theme. Think about how each room will transition to the next, and how they will complement each other.
  • Don’t Choose Your Paint First – Choosing a paint colour may seem like the most obvious place to start. However, colour specialists in Vaughan generally advise against it. Consider all of the elements that you’d like to have in a room first. This will include fabrics, furnishings and accessories. Then, you can find a colour that works with all of those things. If you choose a paint colour first, your options are much more limited. You’re likely to have difficulty finding things to match that exact shade.

Let Us Help You with Your Home

Before embarking on a renovation or redecoration project, it’s best to consult a professional interior designer or colour specialist. When you’re choosing your colours, you want to create a look that will stay in trend for years to come. If you go it alone, you could end up making some expensive mistakes. A specialist will narrow down your options for you, guiding you through a selection of classy colour schemes that will make your home look great. Contact us for a consultation to get started today.