How to Brighten a Naturally Dark Room: Tips from an Interior Designer

interior design in VaughanAre you thinking about redecorating your house? Getting the right paint shades for your walls is an essential part of the process. Choosing a colour scheme can be tricky in any case, but dimly-lit rooms are particularly difficult. How do you make a dark and gloomy room look brighter? In this article, we’ll tell you how.

Colours to Use in Rooms that Lack Natural Light

  • Avoid White and Off-White – There was a time when white paint was widely-used to make homes appear sleek and minimalistic. However, trends have since moved on. Plus, while white walls can make a room appear larger, it’s not so effective at making them look brighter. This is because white looks best when it reflects light. In rooms that have a lack of sufficient natural light, the effect is lost.
  • No Pastel Colours – Like white, pastel paints don’t look their best in dimly-lit rooms. They require sunlight to bring the best out of their shades. Without enough light to complement them, they’ll simply appear greyish and drab in the shadows.
  • Choose Rich Tones – You can’t create natural light in a room where it simply doesn’t exist. A light shade of paint won’t get the job done. Instead, embrace the room for what it is and choose a shade that truly compliments it. Choose deep, rich tones that will stand out in the shade, and the room will come alive.
  • Try a Neutral Grey – Grey has become a hot new trend for interior design in Vaughan. When used correctly, it can create a neutral, elegant look that is easily accentuated with black or white furnishings and accessories.
  • Warm Orange – Orange is often associated with outdated, retro designs that would generally be considered ugly by today’s standards. However, it’s much more versatile than that. A strong shade of orange can add warmth and depth to a room. It works well when paired with white woodwork, linen or furniture in a bedroom or living room. In a kitchen, it can also look great against grey and black kitchenware.
  • Use an Accent Wall – An accent wall can add a splash of colour without being too overwhelming. If you’re looking to create an interesting and modern look without taking over the entire room, this is a great choice. Choose the placement of your accent wall depending on where the light hits in order to get the most out of it.

Hire a Professional Interior Designer in Vaughan

If you’re having trouble choosing the right colours yourself, don’t worry. Instead of agonizing over different shades and constantly looking through swatches, get a professional opinion from an interior designer in Vaughan. At Bright Ideas, we offer a colour consulting service. We understand how different shades look under different lighting, and will help you bring the best out of your home with colours you’ll love.