The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer Over Going It Alone

interior designer vaughanA home is indeed a castle but it’s also more than that. It’s the largest single investment you are ever likely to make. For that reason changes to your home should always be carefully considered and thoughtfully implemented. Talk to a dozen people who decided to act as their own designer and you’re likely to find a solid majority who will tell you they wish they’d hired a professional.

An Interior Designer is Not an Expense, They’re an Investment

The proliferation of DIY TV shows and websites has encouraged everyone to take a stab at design. But designers are not simply people with a knack for tinkering with colour; they’re trained professionals who know their design history, their colour theory and are fully versed in the effects that can be achieved through juxtaposition of various shapes and textures. An interior designer will:

  • Help You Discover Your Home’s Innate Style – Every structure has its strengths. When a house looks shabby, it’s usually because its strengths have been ignored. An experienced interior design professional will know how to bring out your home’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses.
  • Help You Prevent Costly Redo’s – Nearly everyone who has attempted to handle a home redesign themselves winds up – at some point – redoing aspects of the project that never worked. These redo’s can sometimes cost nearly as much as the original project. You won’t ever have that problem when you hire a properly trained interior designer.
  • Liaise with Other Contractors – An experienced designer will be able to act as a liaison between you and the assorted craftsmen and women working to renovate your home. The designer will know what goes where and why and who should be doing what and when. All important things to know in order to achieve a successful outcome to a renovation project.

The job of the interior designer is to add value to your home: aesthetic value, emotional value and yes, bottom line value as well. In the end a good design is a value-added proposition that will stand on its own and be its own justification.

Your home is your largest investment. Invest in a professional interior designer to help you get the most from it. Give Bright Ideas a call today on 416-671-6236 and let Anita Ricci help you reshape your home into the warm, welcoming oasis of style and comfort you’ve always wanted it to be.

Paint Colour Consultation and the Effects Different Colours Have on a Home’s Interior

Paint Colour Consultation TorontoIf you’re invested in making the most of your home you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional colour consultant before you make any painting decisions. They can show you exactly how different colours and colour combinations will affect not only the way a room looks but the way you, your family and your guests experience it.

Take Advantage of a Paint Colour Consultation Before Repainting your Home

Every colour in the spectrum affects us in different ways and it takes the expertise of a trained colour consultant to help you decide which colour or colour combination will achieve the aesthetic and emotional effect you want. For instance:

  • Neutral Colour Schemes – These generally create a relaxed feeling and are prized by people wanting their home to be a sanctuary of style and comfort.
  • Cool Colours – Light blues, greys and greens are often used to make a room feel larger. They create the perception that the painted area is receding.
  • Dark Colours – Dark colours tend to make people feel that the walls are closing in on them. This is the main reason you’ll rarely see them employed in a home.

Colour has other associations as well, not all of them strictly psychological, that need to be taken into consideration when repainting your home.

  • Cultural Associations – Different colours are thought to be significant by different cultures. Red is considered fortuitous by the Chinese and other Asian cultures. While white is considered by some to look “clean” and others to look “cheap”.
  • Colour and Emotion – Science says not everyone’s perception of colour is the same. But does it matter? Probably not since colour is primarily an emotional experience. Making sure people have the experience you want them to have is one of the most important jobs of the colour consultant.
  • Personal Colours – As with smells and shapes, different people develop personal associations with colour. During a paint colour consultation your consultant can find tasteful ways to ensure your home says ‘you’ by integrating colours important to you into the overall design.

Anita Ricci of Bright Ideas is a certified Benjamin Moore Colour Expert as well as being a certified Dewey Colour Specialist. She can help you discover the heart and soul of your home and bring it to life through the application of colour and design. Call Bright Ideas today on 416-671-6236 to find out more and schedule a paint colour consultation.

How a Home Colour Consultant Can Help Ensure Your Home Improvement is a Success

home colour consultant torontoThe right colour scheme can turn an ordinary home into an extraordinary one. The wrong choice of colours can turn that same ordinary home into a domestic disaster. People spend years studying colour theory and interior design because getting things just right is not as simple as picking a few colours from swatches in the paint store. There are a whole host of things to consider, from function to form to the amount and type of light in a room to the furnishings and more.

Hiring a Home Colour Consultant: The Key to a Successful Redesign or Renovation

Your home is your largest single investment and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Burdening it with a thoughtless paint job will not only make it less enjoyable to live in but could cause its value to suffer as well. While most people probably don’t think of hiring a colour consultant they probably should. A well trained colour consultant will be able to:

  • Provide you with comprehensive information about which colours will look best in your home along with other changes you can make to furnishings, drapery and the like that will help bring the overall design to life.
  • Help you rein in tendencies that could undermine the overall effect of your interior design scheme. You may love green but will green actually work with your furniture, with the size of the room or with its function? Your home colour consultant will know.
  • Maintain harmony. The interior of your home shouldn’t be at odds with the exterior. That is, the experience of transitioning from the outside to the inside should not be a jarring one. Your consultant will know how to keep things in balance.
  • Your colour consultant will be well versed in the psychology of colour and know how to use it to activate various elements of your interior to achieve different effects.

Don’t leave the look of your home to chance. When it’s time to renovate, redesign or just repaint make the most of the opportunity by enlisting the services of a professional home colour consultant. Anita Ricci and Bright Ideas have been serving the needs of homeowners and designers in the GTA since 2007 and will help you bring out the hidden qualities of your home through expert application of colour. Call today on 416-671-6236 and discover the difference a colour expert can make to the look and life of your home.